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Conde Nast Traveler's Business Travel Awards: Best Transatlantic Routes

seat.jpgAfter the long weekend, we are continuing and wrapping up with Conde Nast Traveler's Business Travel Awards. Today, I will be unveiling the best transatlantic route for business class. This list is significant for me because I travel transatlantic more than transpacific. On average I take 2-5 international trips a year and each time I try to fly a different airline. Why? Because I like to test each one and know for myself which one offers the best overall service. I have my personal favorite and I'm happy to say it's very high on the list.

Like the transpacific routes, the criteria is based on seat comfort/legroom, food/beverages, cabin service, onboard amenities/technology, airport lounge clubs, and frequent flier program.

Think you know who topped the list?

Well, if you're a loyal reader to Corporate Treat then you should know the winner. Singapore Airlines. Again. I've personally never flown Singapore Airlines. But, after reading this poll, I'm definitely going to fly them. Singapore Airlines and Singapore has been named the best airline for transpacific routes, best international aiport, and now best transatlantic route.

The airline scored a 92.5% out of 100, taking top honors in all categories. Second place goes to my favorite, Virgin Atlantic. I first flew Virgin Atlantic five years ago on a flight from New York City to London. Ever since, I've flown the airline and suggested that anyone going to London should do the same. Since they only fly out of major U.S. airports, I've considered flying to New York just to fly them. Virgin Atlantic scored 84.5%.

The best of the rest:

Emirates 77.3%

SAS 70.8%

Lufthansa 67.6%

British Airways 65.7%

Continental 63.9%

KLM 63.6%

Northwest 57.9%

American Airlines 55.9%

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