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Nov 7
Conde Nast Traveler's Business Travel Awards: Best U.S. Airports

airport.jpgIt pains me to announce Conde Nast Traveler’s Business Award for the best U.S. airports. Not because I don’t agree with the list. But, once again, their international counterparts scored significantly higher. A majority of people who travel for business travel stay domestic. That means these particular travelers are not thrilled with U.S. airports. And these are the people airports and airlines need to impress. Needless to say, there’s some work that needs to be done.

However, there are a few highlights on this list, including a one that completely surprised me. No matter how low these airports scored, changes have been made over the years. The best airports criteria categorized by location/access, ease of connections, customs/baggage, food/shops/amenities, comfort/design, and perceived safety/security/.

Think you know the winner?

If you guess Portland, then you were correct. But, in less you already knew the answer, there’s no way you would have guess it. And speaking of things we don’t know. Did you know Portland airport is green? The airport features solar panels, low-flush toilets, and food waste turned into compost. It also scored 48.6% out of 100, with tops in comfort/design and perceived security/safety.

Second place went to Washington, D.C., Reagan Airport with 45.4% and scoring first place with 73.1% in location/access which was overwhelming higher than Milwaukee’s 61.5%.

The rest of the list goes:

Tampa 44.6%

Milwaukee 41.6%

Minneapolis-St. Paul 37.4

San Diego 37.3%

Salt Lake City 37.0%

Orlando 36.9%

Pittsburgh 36.2%

Fort Lauderdale 36.0%

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With demand for international travel expected to grow by almost 30 percent by 2015 and 50 percent by 2025 (figures according to a study published by the Port Authority of NY & NJ) airlines need to distinguish themselves to attract the affluent traveler. As natural offshoot to first-class air travel, the airlines are taking a page out of the play book of the luxury hotel industry to provide the ultimate experience from the time you enter the airport to your final destination. This strategy, coupled with the insatiable demand of baby boomers for everything high-end, will ultimately lead to a financial windfall for those airlines that able to adapt to this new trend.

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