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Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) - Interior Designs by Greenpoint Technology

Many corporations, VIPs, Head-of-States, Governments, or billionaires, find the need to take a Boeing jet and retro-fit it to their needs.  Greenpoint Technologies is one of the companies that do this work.  The following is a summation of an interview with Christine Hadley, Sales and Contracts Administrator for Greenpoint Technologies.  Greenpoint flew a number of people from Seattle to Richland, Washington for a “Grapes On a Plane” wine-tasting event in connection with Blog Business Summit.  I conducted this interview with Christine aboard a Westwind jet that was chartered by Greenpoint Technologies.

From their homepage:

Greenpoint Technologies was founded in 1988.  We provide interior solutions for Boeing aircraft, including VIP interior completions for private individuals, corporations and heads-of-state.  As a preferred OEM supplier to the Boeing Company, we have designed and delivered specialty interior systems and modifications for nearly every Boeing commercial model.  We are a recognized Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) completion center and are certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards. 

Christine Hadley, Greenpoint Technologies

How do you find your customers?

Most of our leads are referrals from previous customers, or from Boeing.  We have seen more inquiries from the web and thus the reason we thought it would be worthwhile to co-sponsor this event.

Can you tell me what the process is for presenting a bid to a client?

When we first speak with a customer, we inquire about the mission they desire for their business jet.  We discuss the purpose and function, for example, will it be a corporate shuttle with business class seating? Will it transport a family in so requiring state rooms, an office, and/or meeting rooms?  Once we get a general idea of what the customer needs, we create a Deckplan depicting the layout of the interior.

We can usually create a Deckplan within a few days to a week, depending upon the complexity of the interior.  Once a Deckplan is decided, we then provide Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) pricing for program estimation.


Next, we can develop a Summary Specification, which is a very detailed summary document stating all interior systems and requirements.  This includes the specifics on the type of in-flight entertainment system, the amount of sound dampening to reduce engine noise, the electrical and water systems, to the soft goods, that include custom carpets, VIP seating, and cabinetry. Some luxurious options may incorporate precious stones in the detail work or adding gold plating to the lavatory fixtures. 

The Summary Specification usually takes a couple of weeks, but can take up to a month with responses from the customer.  The proposal package includes the specification details, a commercial proposal depicting program price, a completion schedule, and the Deckplan.  If we have time, we may include a virtual 3D model or “fly-through” to highlight certain aspects of the design or deckplan layout.  We can also render the exterior paint or “livery” of the plane to show virtual imagery of the concept design in flight.  On new programs the aircraft delivers “green”, basically it comes without an interior and in most cases without the exterior paint.  Most VIP’s go with conservative exterior paint, but some get creative with a flashier design concept.

Once a customer accepts the proposal and signs the contract, the estimated completion takes 10-12 months.  We usually don’t receive the aircraft immediately, typically it arrives 6 months or so into the process.  During that time, we are working on our engineering, and coordinating with our suppliers to get all the long lead items procured.  Once we receive the plane, the aircraft is placed with one of our strategic partners utilizing their hangar facility for the touch labor and installation.  We are versatile for our customer, using either our partnered-facility or their facility for the installation.


What interaction do you have with your client during this process?

The client, or owner of the aircraft, is called the "Principal".  We will often deal directly with the Chief Pilot or the Aircraft Operations Manager.  We really try to be very clear in our communication upfront during the Summary Specification process to avoid possible changes to the work scope.  We do the right thing by not "nickel and diming" our customer.

When the plane is complete, there is sometimes a delivery celebration or ceremony directed by the customer.

What if there is a warranty claim?

We will allow the Principal to work through us or work directly with the supplier, depending on their preference.  Sometimes they want to work directly with the supplier, who can provide replacement parts, service and repair.


What can you tell me about your team here?

We have a vast engineering team that includes avionics engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical design engineers, and certification engineers. We work closely with the Seattle FAA.  The majority of Greenpoint’s executive staff has over 20 years experience in the aviation field with most of our engineers and staff holding degrees within their discipline.

We really have a “Get it done” attitude, but we still have fun.  Our values are:

Fun, Integrity, Teamwork, Creativity/Innovation, Customer Focus, and Community Service.

Our vision is: We focus to get the job done, We adapt to meet our customer's need, and We deliver on time.


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