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Vida Nocturna
Founded as the first European Settlement on the South Pacific.
Panama earns itself as one of the worlds hottest d96677159SONouT_fs.jpgestinations.  But why has it taken so long?  Similar to Costa Rica--filled w/ wildlife and teeming jungles, Panama is one of Latin America's most safest destinations. With the U.S. Dollar  being the national currency, the steamy Panama City is Reminiscent of Old Havana. A vibrant nightlife w/ Jazz clubs and restaurants. Because of the twisting shape of the east/ west axis, from the city it appears that the sun rises from the Pacific and sets in the Atlantic. One of the many curious wonders in Panama.  

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Makes a person want to pack and go... I am heading off to Ireland in a week and am getting the travel bug as I look at your great post here... Have you been there Greg?

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